The contribution of James Olley to this project and indeed many of my projects cannot be overstated. He is a gifted artist and a kind, shy and honest man. James was one of the very first people that I brought on board my team and his ability to sketch and conceptualise my crazy imagination cannot be underestimated. Any producer will tell you just how difficult it can be to find the right people for the job. James is at the top of his game and he will be masterful in time.

- A J Crowley


James Olley's interest in drawing started at a young age, he was constantly creating whatever captivated his imagination; usually it was film and video games and for fun, drawing caricatures of grumpy math teachers during a long lesson. He went on to study for his Level 4 Diploma in Art & Design in 2013 at Somerset College of Art & Technology, where he achieved a Distinction grade and won an award for the excellence of his work by Taunton Decorative & Fine Arts Society.

James was greatly inspired when he was younger by his father’s work in surreal art and his active role the world of Miniature figurine modelling. This same industry is where James began his professional work starting up JAO Design. He produced designs for war-game character concepts and in addition produced illustrations for various war-game rule books. He has worked as a freelance artist with companies such as Gorilla board games as the lead artist, with Antimatter Games, Forlorn Hope Games and many others. He has most recently been an Illustrator & Conceptual artist for Aidan Crowley and 5/93illuminati, predominately working on the film trilogy called the
Scowling Dusk. James is currently developing his own personal exploration into surreal art. His professional work can be seen at the Olley’s Armies website concept page:

Infested forest

Cole- character Twilight-in-Dark-infested-forest

100 Quirky Characters